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Veka Halo Doors

Design and Quality as Standard

In addition to being environmentally superior, the VEKA range of energy efficient doors are also some of the most technically advanced products on the market today. All VEKA Halo double glazing is tested in extreme environments to ensure it withstands even the harshest of climates. Products are exposed to temperatures equivalent to the cold in the Swiss Alps through to the heat of the Nevada Desert. This ensures all designs are up to standard and meet the exacting demands of the VEKA Halo vision. Furthermore, the full range of frames and glass combinations means there will always be a VEKA Halo door to suit your new conservatory or building. It will blend in with your design and create a fantastic overall image while providing the protection you are looking for.

The Future of Conservatory Energy Efficiency

Here at Ideal Homes Ltd, we are so excited to now be offering VEKA Halo energy efficient doors as an option to all our customers. As a recognised official installer of this product, we are able to offer a wider variety of choice than ever before.

This year is going to be a very exciting year for double glazing. New CE standards will come into force which are going to change the way we look at the products we install in our homes. Furthermore, the continuous roll out of Government Green Deal scheme is working towards greater building efficiency. But by supplying leading edge products such as VEKA Halo doors and keeping up to date with new technologies, Composite World will always be there to do the best for each of our customers.

Veka Halo Energy Efficient Doors from Composite World Can Make All the Difference to Your Energy Efficiency, VEKA plc are one of the leading manufacturers of PVC-U window and door systems in the UK. They produce high quality products throughout their entire range. However, nothing has caused so much interest as the new Veka Halo Energy Efficient Doors. These doors have broken the mould when it comes to high quality energy efficiency and you can now obtain the full range of products as part of your installation from Composite World.

What Sets VEKA Halo Apart

VEKA have always led the way in energy efficient double glazing. They were the first company to produce an A rated window in the UK and they continue to be at the forefront of new and innovative discoveries within the industry.

In November 2012, the company was recognised for its creativity and was awarded 'Energy Efficiency Initiative of the Year' by the prestigious G Awards. VEKA have now launched what are being seen as the most super energy efficient products available today and they are now available at Composite World.

Energy Efficiency at Its Best

The VEKA Halo Energy Efficient Doors work to actually make your home, business or installation more energy efficient than ever before. They were designed to reduce the costs of your heating bills and minimise your level of carbon emissions. Using only the highest quality components, VEKA products are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust due to the level of contribution they can provide to your building.



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